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An index of AUTC projects is shown below. Updates and recent activity to these projects can be seen on the Project Updates page.

Start Date AUTC
PI Project
2010-10-01 309032R Margaret Darrow (UAF) A General Review of Mitigation Measures for Slope Stability Problems in AK
2010-07-01 410029 Pizhong Qiao (WSU) Accelerated Degradation and Durability of Concrete in Cold Climates
2009-08-01 309024 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) AK Hot Mix Asphalt Job Mix Formula Verification
2009-08-01 309015 David L. Barnes (UAF) AK Specification for Palliative Applications on Unpaved Roads and Runways
2007-08-03 107013 Michael Scott (OSU) Alaska Bridge Bent Pushover Software, Including Concrete Confinement
2007-11-01 RR07.04 Paul Metz Alaska Marine Highway Analysis Phase One
2009-08-01 309018 Paul Metz Alaska Marine Highway Analysis Phase Three
2008-08-01 207105 Paul Metz Alaska Marine Highway Analysis Phase Two
5/1/2012 RR12.01 Billy Connor Alaska Road Weather Research: Partnership with NCAR
2009-07-01 309029 David L. Barnes (UAF) Alaska Rural Airport Inspection Program
5/1/2012 RR11.02 William Schnabel Ambler Hydrologic Investigations
2008-05-01 207117 Billy Connor (UAF) Application of Non-traditional Soil Stabilization of Technology: Lab testing of Geofibers and Synthetic Fluid
2009-08-18 MISC1 Billy Connor (UAF) Application of Non-traditional Soil Stabilization of Technology: Use of Geofibers and synthetic Fluid in the Field
2009-08-01 309039 Jeffrey Miller (UAA) Assessing Anchorage Traffic Congestion with Vehicle Tracking Devices and Intelligent Transportation System Technology
2010-08-01 410003 Nicole Molders (UAF) Assessing the Contribution of Traffic Emissions to the Mobile Vehicle Measured PM2.5 Concentrations by Means of WRF-CMAQ Simulations
2009-07-01 309026 David L. Barnes (UAF) Attenuation of Herbicides in Subarctic Environments, PHASE 2
2010-07-01 410014 Zhaohui (Joey) Yang (UAA) Automatic Electrical De-icing System Using Emerging Carbon Nanofiber Paper: A Pilot Field Testing
2008-07-01 RR08.13 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Bridge Deck Runoff: Water Quality Analysis and Best Management Practice Effectiveness
2009-11-01 309036 Yongtao Dong (UAF) Bridge Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection: Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology
2010-07-01 410020 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Characterization of Alaska Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures with a Simple Performance Tester
2007-08-03 107049 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Characterization of Asphalt-treated Base Course Material
2010-08-01 RR10.03 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Construction Dust Amelioration
2008-04-01 MISC7 Ming Lee (UAF) Converting the Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) Travel-demand Forecasting Model from GRS II to TransCAD
2011-08-01 510000 Xianming Shi, MSU Corrosion Monitoring System for Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures
2011-08-01 510006 Xianming Shi, MSU Develop Locally Sourced Salt Brine Additive for Anti-Icing
2007-08-03 107004 Ronald A. Johnson (UAF) Developing Ambient PM2.5 Management Strategies
2010-07-12 410038 Gary Hicks (CHICO State) Developing Guidelines for Pavement Preservation Treatments and for Building a Pavement Preservation Program for Alaska
2007-08-03 107035 Ming Lee (UAF) Developing Snow and Ice Control Plans for Urbanized Areas in Cold Regions
2010-07-01 410001 Mervyn Kowalsky (NCSU) Ductility of Welded Steel Columns
2009-07-01 MISC4 David L. Barnes (UAF) Dust Palliative Performance Measurements on Nine Rural Airports
2008-07-01 MISC3 David L. Barnes (UAF) Eagle Dust Project
2011-08-01 510012 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu Economic Impacts of FInes I: The Unbound Pavement Layers
2008-07-01 207099 Hsueh Ming Wang (UAA) Economical Analysis of Using Light-emitting Diode Technology for AK Street Lights
2010-07-01 410002 Mervyn Kowalsky (NCSU) Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Bridge Columns
2007-08-03 107017 Zhaohui Yang Effects of Permafrost and Seasonally Frozen Ground on the Seismic Responses of Transportation Infrastructure Sites
2007-07-01 MISC 8 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Environmental Impact of Creosote Treated Marine Piles
2009-07-01 309022 Margaret Darrow (UAF) Evaluating in-Place Inclinometer Strings in Cold Regions
2008-07-01 RR08.09 Ming Lee (UAF) Evaluating the Overheight Detection System at the Eklutna River/Glenn Highway Bridge
2011-07-01 510010 Xiong Zhang (UAF) Experimental Study of Various Techniques to Protect Ice-Rich Cut Slopes
2010-07-20 410025 Xiong Zhang (UAF) Fast Determination of Soil Behavior in the Capillary Zone Using Simple Lab Tests
2008-03-03 RR08.05 Jing Zhang (UAF) Feasibility of Electric Cars in Cold Regions
2009-12-21 RR08.12 Oliver Hedgepeth (UAA) Feasibility Study of RFID Technology for Construction Load Tracking
2011-08-01 510005 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu Field Evaluation of Crack Sealing of Asphalt Concrete Pavements in Alaska
2009-07-01 309009 Horacio Toniolo (UAF) Field Study to Compare the Performance of Two Designs to Prevent River Bend Erosion in Arctic Environments
2009-08-01 309020 Ming Lee, Billy Connor (UAF) FNSB Road Upgrading Process
2014-07-01 614001 Margaret Darrow Frozen Debris Lobes 2014 - 1B
2011-07-01 510021 Zhaohui (Joey) Yang, UAA Frozen Soil Lateral Resistance for the Seismic Design of Highway Bridge Foundations
2010-08-01 410024 Jeffrey Miller (UAA) Gathering Vehicular Parameters through a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Intelligent Transportation System
2008-04-07 207122 Yuri Shur (UAF) Geological Investigations for the Dalton Highway Innovation Project as a Case Study of Ice-rich Syngenetic Permafrost
2010-03-01 410018 William E. Schnabel (UAF) Geophysical Applications for Arctic/Subarctic Transportation Planning
2011-07-01 510016 Andrew Metzger Geotechnical Asset Management
2007-08-03 107059 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Guidelines for Risk Analysis
2011-01-01 410005 Xianming Shi (MSU) Identification and Laboratory Assessment of Best Practices to Protect DOT Equipment from the Corrosive Effect of Chemical Deicers
2007-08-03 107045 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Impact of Fines Content on Resilient Modulus Reduction of Base Courses During Thawing
8/19/2007 107041 Kenan Hazirbaba J. Leroy Hulsey Impact of Freeze-Thaw on Liquefaction Potential and Dynamic Properties of Mabel Creek Silt
2011-04-01 510011 Margaret Darrow (UAF) Impact Of Groundwater Flow On Permafrost Degradation & Transportation Infrastructure Stability
2011-07-01 510022 Zhaohui Yang, UAA Impact of the Embedded Carbon Fiber Heating Panel on the Structural/Mechanical Performance of Roadway Pavement
6/1/2012 RR12.02 Billy Connor Improving Passing Lane Safety and Efficiency
2009-08-01 309023 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Including Life Cycle Cost Analysis in AK Flexible Pavement Design Software
2011-08-01 510018 Jeffrey Miller, UAA Information Gathering Infrastructure Toward Intelligent Transporation
2007-04-01 107024 David L. Barnes (UAF) Integrated Vegetation Management Along Alaska's Highways
2007-08-03 107052 Yongtao Dong (UAF) Investigating Methods for Maturing Concrete in Very Cold Weather
2011-06-01 510009 Dr. Robert Perkins Knowledge Transfer Needs and Methods
2010-07-01 RR11.01 Billy Connor (UAF) Kwigillingok Runway Stabilization
2009-05-01 207083 J. Leroy Hulsey (UAF) Life-cycle Cost Analysis for AK Bridge Components
2009-08-01 309001 Andrew T. Metzger (UAF) Load Environment of Washington State Ferry and AK Marine Highway Landings
2009-08-01 309042 Ming Lee (UAF) Long range Transportation Forecasting
2008-07-01 RR08.11 Margaret Darrow (UAF) Measuring Temperature and Soil Properties for Finite Element Model Verification
2007-08-03 107019 David L. Barnes (UAF) Measuring the Effectiveness of Rural Dust Control Strategies
2009-08-01 309002 Virginia Fay (UAA) Model of Alaska Transportation Sector to Assess Energy Use and Impacts of Price Shocks and Climate Change Legislation
7/1/2012 RR12.03 Margaret Darrow Monitoring and Analysis of Frozen Debris Lobes, Phase I
2008-11-15 RR08.14 Robert A. Perkins Naturally Occuring Asbestos in Alaska and Experiences and Policy of Other States Reguarding its Use
2008-05-01 MISC6 Xiong Zhang (UAF) Nylon Wicking Fabric
2011-07-01 510024 Pizhong Qiao, WSU Over-height Vehicle Collision Protection and Detection System for Cold Region Highway Bridges
2012/09/01 510015 J. Leroy Hulsey PacTrans- Phase II Structural Health Monitoring and Condition Assessment of Chulitna River Bridge
2012/05/01 S16899 PacTrans-A Platform for Proactive Risk-based Slope Asset Managemnet
2012/06/01 S16920 Scott Hamel, P.E., Ph.D, Jeffrey Hoffman, P.E., Ph.D PacTrans-Investigation of High-Mast Light Pole Anchor Bolts
2012/05/01 S16903 Robert A. Perkins, Keith Whitaker PacTrans: Digital Dissemination Platform of Transportation Engineering Educational Materials Founded in Adoption Research Phase I
2012/06/01 S16806 PacTrans: Estimating Future Flood Frequency and Magnitude in Basins Affected by Glacier Wastage
2008-07-01 RR08.08 Ming Lee (UAF) Performance Analysis of the Dowling Multi-lane Roundabouts
2010-03-01 410036 & 510019 (Supplemental) David L. Barnes (UAF) Performance of Dust Palliatives on Unpaved Roads in Rural Alaska
3/5/2012 12069 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu Performance of TenCate Mirafi PGM-G4 Composite Paving Fabric- Reinforced Asphalt Pavements in Alaska
2007-08-03 107054 Yuri Shur (UAF) Preservation of the Alaska Highway, Phase 1
2009-08-01 309035 Yuri Shur, Daniel Fortier (UAF) Preservation of the Alaska Highway, Phase 2
2011/07/01 510017 Rifat Bulut, Xiong Zhang, Gang Chen Rapid Determination of Unsaturated Moisture Diffusivity for Soils during the Frost Heave
20130805 S18140 Mervyn J. Kowalsky, Mo Gabr, James Nau Reinforced Concrete Filled Pipe Piles in Soil
2007-08-03 107014 J. Leroy Hulsey Seasonally Frozen Ground Effects on the Seismic Response of Highway Bridges
2007-08-03 107033 Sri Sritharan (ISU) Seismic Design of Deep Bridge Pier Foundations in Frozen Ground
2009-08-01 309010 Zhaohui (Joey) Yang (UAA) Seismic Performance of Bridge Foundations in Liquefiable Soils
2010-07-01 410037 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Selecting Preservatives for Marine Structural Timber in Herring Spawning Areas
2009-08-01 309038 Robert A. Perkins (UAF) Serving Future Transportation Needs: Strategies to Improve AK DOT&PF Professional and Support Staff Recruitment and Retention
2010-08-01 410015 Zhaohui (Joey) Yang (UAA) Shake Table Experiments of Bridge Foundations in Liquefied Soils: An International Collaboration
2007-08-03 107018 Pizhong Qiao (WSU) Smart FRP composite Sandwich Bridge Decks in Cold Regions
2011-06-01 510001 Mervyn Kowalsky (NCSU) Strain Limits for Concrete Filled Steel Tubes in AASHTO Seismic Provisions
2012-09-01 510015 Leroy Hulsey Structural Health Monitoring & Condition Assessment of Chulitna River Bridge
2010-02-04 RR10.1 Richard Wies (UAF) Supplemental funding: Economical Analysis of Alaskan Streetlights by using Light-emitting Diode (LED) Technology
2010-07-01 410008 J. Leroy Hulsey (UAF) Testing and Screening Surfacing Materials for Alaska's Yukon River Bridge
2008-10-01 MISC2 Andrew T. Metzger (UAF) The Response of Pile-guided Floats Subjected to Dynamic Loading
2011-08-01 510003 Xianming Shi, MSU Understanding and Mitigating Effects of Chloride Deicer Exposure on Concrete
2009-02-15 RR08.10part2 Margaret Darrow Unstable Slope Management Program: Background Research and Program Inception
2008-07-01 207119 Douglas L. Kane Updated Precipitation Frequency Analysis for the State of Alaska
2008-07-01 207120 Amy Tidwell (UAF) Updated Precipitation Frequency Analysis for the State of Alaska
2010-07-01 RR10.02 & 510020 (Supplemental) Xiong Zhang (UAF) Use of Mirafi Nylon Wicking Fabric to Help Prevent Frost Boils in the Dalton Highway Beaver Slide Area, Alaska
2007-08-03 RR07.03 Kenan Hazirbaba (UAF) Using Geofiber & Synthetic Fluid to Stabilize Marginal Soils
2009-07-01 309031 Kenan Hazirbaba (UAF) Using Screw Piles in High Seismicity Areas of Cold and Warm Permafrost
2008-07-01 207121 Xiong Zhang (UAF) Using Shallow Anchors and an Anchored Mesh System for Cut Slope Protection in Ice-rich Soils
2010-07-01 410009 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Using the Micro-Deval Test to Assess Alaska Aggregates
2008-07-01 207086 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Warm Mix Asphalt
2009-09-01 MISC5 Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF) Warm Mix Asphalt: Experimental Features in Highway Construction